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What is SafeFollow?

At SafeFollow, our mission is to grow the crypto economy by helping our customers protect and secure their financial assets.
Crypto Is as much about community and culture as it is about financial numbers. Managing risk of crypto assets using traditional methods doesn’t work. Social media, private groups and communities play a big role and combined with the emergence of governance mechanisms, crypto assets are susceptible to higher volatility and risk. Volatility is a key factor going into investment risk assessment. There are several factors which can impact volatility - negative news coverage, rug pull by key promoters, suspicious trading volume, sudden drop in social media postings, to name a few.
As crypto enthusiasts we enjoy high volatility, it is part of the intellectual appeal and excitement related to chasing alpha. For many investors, who are eager to start on crypto investment, this seemingly unexplainable higher volatility creates nervousness. This nervousness is preventing the onboarding of the next billion users into the crypto economy.
SafeFollow is building an industry-first Value Risk Graph based security solution which will proactively monitor the digital asset ecosystem and work to protect investor’s assets.
Last modified 1yr ago